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Poem: God knows

What are we here for? 
God knows. 
God knows! 
But won’t tell us. 
What are we here for? 
God knows but won’t tell us. 
We have the choice and the gift to find it out ourselves. 
To find it in ourselves. 

and breathtaking truth will appear. 


Midnight poem from last night 

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What humanity needs

Humanity is in great need of itself, not of all its toys.

Today’s oneliner

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Eldsjälar som hjälper ekosystemet

Fantastiskt inspirerande dokumentärfilm om eldsjälar som räddat hotade djurarter och återuppfött och nu återintroducerar dem i sitt naturliga habitat. Vackra människor över hela jorden som ser sin och djurens fantastiska plats i ekosystemet och använder det mänskliga sociala systemet för att hjälpa jorden.

En eloge, Chapeau! som fransmännen sagt

Jag gråter en tår och hoppas att jag en dag får ha bidragit till något liknande fantastiskt

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Dancing through Copenhagen

Køb en havn

Buy a haven

buy a smile

and you have a haven in each human mirror

or no. Don’t even buy it. Just give it away

But if you sold it the first time, the space in your heart, then maybe you have to buy it back

Negociate with pain, fear or whoever squatted it and say:

I want you out now

I wanna cultivate something nice here

I want a haven for my heart where it can rest in peace

a haven for the turbulent waves of social life

And I am in back in Copenhagen, finishing the interesting dance theatre course of ART & SOUL with Richard Lee. With all ages and backgrounds we investigate ourselves, meetings, bodies and expressions.

And today I did a high definition scream on stage, my lovely group liked it, felt it was fascinating. Nice therapy to do horror scenes when I hated them when I was a child, couldn’t stand them on TV or stage. Live through it and it will leave. Tomorrow we perform, welcome if you’re around. Vesterbro kulturhus, time 3.27. Sharp. It’s art.

Then fantastic sauna with lovely strangers, well they are not strangers anymore now. Don’t cry for me Christiania, the truth is I never left you. You’re the ugly duck, I’m sure an architect of H.C. Andersen’s kind will see it one day.

Just like he saw the beauty in each child and told them the stories from beneath and above – like the 2 year old baby I eye play with during the whole bus ride back home.

And finally ending with feeling the beautiful community vibration of old European culture: Albanian party with hundreds of youngsters dancing in a row. In peace, holding each others hands. In Nørrebrohallen. I think I was the only blond in the house. But in heart it is the same. We came here to gather: to dance, sing, scream, laugh and cry. To handle life.

Just like when I joined some beautiful street musicians – Knud and Vicktor – at Strøget last weekend and since their mike was down I started dancing. We got a huge crowd. Without any uttered word. Just humans meeting. Young and old. I’m sure it’s on tourist youtube by now.

We came here to gather: to dance, sing, scream, laugh and cry.

Together we can do anything.

I am thankful for being alive today.
It is exiting to live when one dares.

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Art – a mirror of the subconscious?

”Art plays an unknowing game with things. Just as a child at play imitates us, so we at play imitate the forces that created and still are creating the world.”

German and Swiss painter Paul Klee (1879-1940) 

phrase found at Louisiana museum

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