Be the president of our own world-view

I am the governor, the president in my consciousness
which is the place where I live my whole life
My consciousness is my world
And everything that happens in that world is in me
Even those things that seem to happens outside of me are actually impressions and reactions in me
Every day I choose whether I want to live in fear or love
In fact I don’t need to be a president
because the idea of a president
means that there is someone or something that I need to rule over
outside of me
it gives me sleepless nights, wrinkles and grey hair
How can I rule over something that is outside of me?
It seems tough
Why would I even want to?
I search in my mind and see that the only reason why I would like to rule over something outside of me
is fear
Love has no need for control or judging
It is itself beyond that
that is the definition of love
(as close to a definition that love ever will be or need)
Love needs no president
Love is embracing reality as it is
The soft touch of love can bring down the biggest walls
without any harsh words or weapons or riots
open up all doors
So I realize I have no need to be a president in my world
All I need to do is to love and accept what happens in my consciousness
my world
If I don’t do that, I will only react and not act
and Action do has more power in it than Reaction
So acceptance is the first step of playing my world as I wish
And follow the flow of life and love in my consciousness
Then I will meet people that also live in their own world of love
and none of us will have a need for a president ruling
outside or inside of us
and that is how true so called democracy appears:
Demo-cracy ”people governing”
when we all vote in our heart every day
that will bring a most magnificent play
and then the Mayday for good external leaders
will turn into a May day of true heart readers
and play and love feeders
meeting under the cedars
in mutual love and respect
Free like an insect
By the tree of life
the treaty of life
Poem of the day 9.11.2016 when US is split after the presidential election of Trump and many people in the world feel hopelessness
The love the world needs now is inside of us, not outside 






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