A traveler through time and space – or?

My name is Bond

Vaga Bond

I am a traveller through time and space

This is how I used to say

when watching out

Before I started to watch in

Now I see that it is time and space that travels through me

I am an eternal vessel playing in the dimensions of time and space

I am always right here

And how could I be wrong when I am right



only now do I know what my hearts tells me

what vibrates at my core

How life spinns through me and to me

how I am living this moment


Who are you? people ask

I am …

Just a moment

I am …

Just a moment

I am breathtaking and breathgiving

living through the air

and yet beyond all particles of materia

I am a consciousness in evolution

and what I am tomorrow I don’t know

I don’t know


so I yes

yes now

My name is Bond

Vaga Bond

A gate that all travels through


Daily poem 2.4.2016



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