Where to live and give?

Sometimes I wonder where I shall live

And my spirit laughs about my ego thought

Since I can and always only live here

in the present

This is the present!

Open it now

This is the gift

This is the only powershift you ever get

you are the one

You are the powershift you have been waiting for

You are now


Give! All you have

From your core

Then you can move through the whole world and never drift off shore

You will go into flow

high and low

and keep moving and being moved

This is life

Let it come to you

through you

You are the stream

you are the consciousness that is living itself

You are the spirit you are tasting

Past and future

are words

this is it

this is all

big and small

fall into it

It is so rich you don’t need anything any more

Sure? my ego asks

Off course

and back on track again

Of course

my spirit whispers in my ear

I am the whole


Living is giving

it is all

All is

Today’s poem after a super gig last night at O’Learys full of present by the audience and me. Twenty something people hugged me afterwards. Probably cause we really shared a moment together, we were present, presents in the giftshop of life. Precious!


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