ALLIS – a draft of …

An Allis is a place where everything is

All is

Where everyone plays


or movingly


in circles

and straight ahead

and abody too

In Allis there are holes to jump into

and feel stuck

and wholes to be free in

there are roles to jump into

and feel stuck

and roles to be

free in





stop motion

stop motion

pictures everywhere

out through their frames

and frame another reality


where we play everyday as if it was new

as if it had just risen with the sun

and now waited for what the clouds would do to it

it says:

the sky is the limit

and find green grass to lie on

An Allis is a spot

where you are the light

where you stage your life as you like


or light spotted

the whole role is to play along or ashort


pause now and then

but not rewind or run fast forward so much

not necessarily record so much

just play

tune in

and out

of the manuscript

there will come another story

with so much glory you need glasses for it

and bare feet

laughters will cover the loudspeakers

and the sane freakers will justify

the play with a new card

play safely with the kind of heart of kings

and crazily with the knight of spades

and caress the moment with the queen of diamonds

tune in

tune out


and within you

me and everyone we see

come now come together

to gather

to join into the choir

the song is waiting for you

your breast is waiting for you

your chest is rising into horizons you have never heard before

let the flood of sound light run through you

and empy your garden of dust

there is no must

in the emptiness of everything

match it with your whole

let Allis play lightly

in you

to you

for you

through you

this is your heaven

or hell

pour it out now

the garden needs water

drop your ocean into the world

all there is


drops of now




Written improvisation in January 2015 


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