I wrote it in spring. It has been my inner feeling for years: It’s about time, time to move! Humanity, including me, needs to move in more ways – dance every day, play as we stay alive, run for our lives, not against, run with our feet, not our minds, feel how to use the energy right, inside out. Economy is to know ones resources and use them right, at the right moment. Now it is time to focus inner energy to change the outside world, and prevent global disaster in many ways. To be the super heroes we write and read books and films about.

Tomorrow I will perform this new piece IT’S ABOUT TIME and other heartful earthy spoken word at environmental gathering at Stockholm university. Check it out and come if you want – late arrivals are welcome! Anyhow, late only exists by the clock! We always get a second chance – that is the trick of time. Watch out, watch it! It is always there! By chance we can…


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