Playing the part from the source

The source of everything is within itself
So it does not need to be called source
It might be called head, toe, camel, dog, tree, dream, freedom, glass, human
The source never looks for itself
Cause it is already
The gift doesn’t need to be given
Cause it is already
Ready to open for everyone who feels it within
Pace is not taught in schools or systems
It is given by heart
Doubt is the fight against the intuition and life
How can you live if life didn’t want you here?
Trust means believing in existence
Trust means believing that you have a part to play
Don’t stop it
You’re here to play a part
Do your role in the play of life
Only you know it
The script lies deep within yourself
Direct yourself there
And everything will unfold
The curtain will withdraw
The light is yours
Spot it
The spotlights are waiting for you
Within a frame work
The web reaches farther than any letter can
We are all web casted in ways we don’t know
Once we spot it
The light is ours
You have a role to play
Before the break

Metro improvisation of today


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