How many prejudices did you crack today?

”It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom.” 

Albert Einstein

I’m so glad the Americans yesterday prooved that it is possible. One time, with anything in life, can be excused, as a mistake. But two is already a choice. I’m glad they gave Obama some more time. Maybe he can’t change all the bad things, like Guatanamo and a sick economy, but at least he seems like a man of ideals to me. Good intentions. And that do is the most important. The intention is all. 

And now we know Marley’s war in slowly diminishing: until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eye, then there is war. 

 And reading Einstein on the fridge every day I realise my own life is exactly the same. I could probably develop into a scientist and learn how to crack atoms in a couple of years, but prejudices – wow they are deep. The self-condemnation probably the biggest. And since society doesn’t consist of more than individuals, the prejudices we believe in, that becomes our reality. That creates the lack of true progress. So we’re stuck with pollution, mental and physical, inequalities, poverty, jealousy and fear.

I wanna change the piece I bring to the big puzzle. Slowly slowly I see the Potemkin culisses cracking. Behind lies power so strong. And joy. 

Have a good evening, all earth inhabitants

big and small

we’re all part of it, the puzzle

let’s solve it

show that we are the most conscious life on earth 



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