An inspiration for social sustainability through internet’s gifts

Jag har varit tyst länge nu här – påskharen och annat kom emellan. Men ska strax skriva mer. Först detta:

One often speaks of three different kinds of sustainability: ecological, economic and social.

Commute greener is both an economical and ecological project in this field. But also social when people start enjoying their new transportation routines and see that it might enrich their lives, with new commuter friends or better family relations.

Another seed of creating social sustainability came from the Middle East a couple of weeks ago. After all, there is little comfort that the bus is maybe environmental friendly, if there is a war going on outside it.

The seed was en example of what mankind can do when just believing in himself and the values at our hearts. Thanks to the transportation system you are now reading this through, we can increase the communication efficiently on earth. Through the lines someone spread a word of peace. People commuted words about a future of hope.

Check it out:


Happy Sunday!

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