Transporting yourself is a movement of life – And a life coming across

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Transportation is one of the oldest phenomena in the world. We all left Africa once upon a time, and with the shrinking of time and space called globalization, starting in the 16th century, we all started to come together again. Today more “interwebbed”, interdependent than ever globally. But even deeper so is motion: all goes back to movement – every human being, every planet, every particle is constantly in motion in one or another way.

How we move depends on what possibilities we have, the limits we have (mental or physical, economic or social) and what dreams we have. We start lying down, move to four feet, then three or two, then jumping on one maybe, dreaming about flying. We put ourselves in or on vehicles to get further or travel through books and stories, all for curiosity of what might be out there.

The Italian physicist and astronomer Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) wrote:  ”There is perhaps nothing in Nature older than MOTION about which volumes neither few nor small have been written by philosophers.”

Moving is the natural, constant thing in universe. Nothing is forever – except change. The last 10 000 years of settling down is a new thing from us who have been walkers through most of the history. No wonder we want to move and travel. Catch trains and planes and visit unknown places. But since nothing is forever, no way of transportation is holy. Every wheel was invented; every wheel can be put in another, for the time being more suitable constellation of movement.

Transport comes from Latin transportare – trans (across) and portare (to carry). Transportation is to carry something across. Carry something across – to me it sounds like life. Life is transportation or a transportation tool. Life is just thousands of actions where we carry things across, mentally or physically, between humans or places. All communication in one form or another.

Sometimes we give a speech or tell something and ask afterwards: how did that come across? Exactly, how did our ideas or emotions get transported to someone else? Maybe we can extend that to the whole life.

So I will wish you: I hope you like the way you come across today – in all ways!
(Quote above: Galileo from Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Relating to Two New Sciences (1638); Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche, intorno à due nuove scienze)




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